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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can be benefited with Matrix influencing?

Any living beings and objects can benefit, new born babies, children, adults, older adults, pets, people with critical health conditions, plants, trees, cars, ships, factories, businesses etc. (Please keep in mind that the living beings must have a willingness to be benefited, we as therapist give the receiver the tools to heal and improve but if they do not wish to be healed nothing will happen. Matrix influencing can also be applied for any living beings to solve any life problems or achieve any desired goals or ambition. This element of 'willingness' is however not an issue of concern for non-living objects.


2. What if I don't live close to your office?

All of our services can be done remotely, so you do not need to be physically present. In the same way, healing living or working spaces can be done effectively without us being in that place.


3. How long will it take to make my wish come true?

As in everything, it depends on the client's own belief in this process and willingness to achieve the goal. When a client wants to heal a specific ailment or a life problem we have to first clear all negative energies from the aura of the person. This usually take 3 months to achieve and within the first month itself, the client feels very energetic and positive. Thereafter we have to identify the root cause of the ailment or the life problem and then we have to neutralize it for an ailment or create the circumstances for the wishes to come true. Some patients react very quickly, others take some time to heal, but all clients feel an improvement in them and their circumstances after the first month negative energy clearance for them. The initial full energy clearance requires 3 months. Thereafter the wish fulfillment process starts from a clean energy state. Generally an additional 6 to 9 months are needed to materialize the circumstances to get the wish fulfilled for the client. During this entire period the client needs to actively engage in working out normally for his/her desired goal. Our healing energy will fuel the fulfillment by altering the matrix of the client's Universe and get many things realigned.  Sometimes the matrix correction period also get prolonged if the client harbors doubt, suspicion, cultures negative or pessimistic thinking. Most importantly, the client must believe in himself/herself, on the healer, on the Universe that "everything is possible" For animals, plants and inanimate clients, the effect can be felt very fast within the first month itself.


4. What if I am currently taking medications?

Our divine energetic processes are non-invasive and work alongside with regular medical treatments that have been prescribed by medical practitioners. So we work in conjunction with the treatment regime you are on as a complementary method. However, if you are using Matrix influencing regularly by us, your  need for medication will significantly go down as you will get better from your medical conditions. Non-living objects do not have this issue of medication. However, if you are medicating your plants, agricultural land, pets etc. then we advise you to keep continuing these till our divine support lets the problematic condition become so good that you may not need those traditional approaches or solutions any more.


5. Does this service have negative side effects?

No, Matrix Influencing does not have any side effects. As these are divine energy processes, and undertaken for good of the client, they do not have any harmful rays in them.


6. What do I need to do to start services?

First of all, please call us so that we can go over what problem you would like to solve with and Dr. Andrew Dutta. We will need your Focus Material, so that we can identify your root cause of the problem. We will then go over the matrix correction plan and start from there to alter your Destiny for the good.. 


7. What do I need to do to start altering the Destiny of my space/house/office/shop/factory?

First of all, we will need to talk about what you have identified that is odd energetically or spiritually with your space. Then we need a hand drawn diagram or blueprint or photographs, if you have it, of your space, how it is distributed, rooms, bathrooms, etc. We will need 1 month's fee paid up front as confirmation of your desire to alter the energy of that space and for checking up the energy of that place. Once the space has been analyzed we will call you with the findings and we'll go over a plan of action. We'll alter the matrix of the space and then we'll give you various tools to help you keep your space clear of detrimental energies. Communication is key throughout the process, so please contact us with any inquiries.

8. Is there any restriction of lifestyle or living for the treatment period or thereafter?

Destiny healing by Dr. Dutta is an enabling process for you and to make your dreams come true. There are absolutely no restrictions of any kind or manner either before, during and after the destiny changing processes are done for you. You do not have to chant any mantra, or do any worship or follow any special diet or do any penance/Seva or activity. You just need to lead your normal healthy lifestyle. Before, during and after destiny changing processes you are free to live your life and practice the religion of your choice. There is no embargo of any sort from us. The only thing that you should not do during destiny changing period is smoking, drinking or doing narcotic drugs.

9. Is this method Tantric activity or any black magic?

Truly speaking, this method is a lost and forgotten science, which every human was taught to practice many many thousands of years ago. Our mechanistic sciences through its education system has taught us--over thousands of years now-- that anything that cannot be perceived through the 5 senses DOES NOT EXIST. And what are these 5 senses? Just a very narrow band in the light spectrum comprising just 7 colours or just a narrow band of sound from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. Every book of religion has been written by man to take control of the masses and you were brainwashed that unless you do penance and fasting you cannot reach to God. You become a sinner. Every religion has mastered the art of labeling sinners. Thats how the Kings, monarchs and rulers and their religious partners took humankind far far away from God. God is right inside you, not outside in the some distant galaxy.  Your greatest power is inside you not in some other person or organization. Destiny Changer simply connects with your own divine power and reconnects your physical being to help you achieve your wish. This is a very Divine and holy method devoid of any kind of negative practices or processes. This is not black magic or Tantric process. Dr. Dutta uses his personal Shakti and divine power to connect to your Universe matrix and make changes into your life as desired by you. So, all these service are completely safe and holy.

If your question is not answered above, please feel free to Contact Us

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