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Destiny Changing Services

Changing Health Destiny
Changing Relationship Destiny

Any kinds of relationship can be created and improved in the Universe. Whether you are not finding a lover or partner or a spouse in your life or whether you are not having a cordial relationship with your siblings, children, spouse, neighbour or office colleagues, you can use this service and change the destiny pattern of your relationship in your life. If you are struggling to get married or wanting to get separated or divorced, then also this service can be of immense help to you provided such separation is legally valid and you will not be causing any harm to anyone through such divorce or separation. Suggested matrix influence period is 6 months to one year. Remember, this service is for opening the opportunities for love, romance and care in your life with the most appropriate person. It is not about casting a "spell" on anyone who you desire. This is a divine method to attract pure and honest love into your life. You will be able to feel the difference in yourself and around you within 3 months of this service.

Changing Income, Finance or Wealth Destiny

You can increase your ethical business income or increase your salary income very easily. If your promotion is overdue but not happening or if your big business project is halted and is not progressing you can surely use this service. Business revenues and profits can be increased when your hardest of efforts are not paying off. Get out of turn promotion or bag the biggest project just as you wished for. You can also switch jobs easily with this service or can divest or sale off your business with profits much higher than expected. All these are for good. honest and legitimate activities for you. Greed cannot be fulfilled by this service. Minimum suggested period for matrix influencing is 1 year and during this period you will find all opportunities for your income and growth opening up in front of you waiting for you to grab the chances. The more honestly you will work hard, this service will bring greater rewards than what you got previously for the same amount of hard work.

Changing Destiny for Desired Job or Education

You want to succeed working in your dream company? Are you looking for a job with a particular pay package or desired location? Your children's education is not upto the mark? Is there any memory related problem with them? For any kind of Job/Profession or Education related matters, the matrix of the Universe for your destiny can be changed. Remember, this cosmic energy service should be done at least 3 months prior to the interview or exam and must also continue after the exams or interviews are over for at least 3 more months. If it is for continued high performance for studies, exams, sports performance, office performance, sales target achievement, then the service can be continuously carried on for year after year at discounted service charges.

Win any competition, examination or licentiation

You are talented and you can fight hard. But is success in competition, litigation, public examination, sports performance or licentiate tests are eluding you in spite of repeated attempts? You are not able to crack the exams despite your best efforts? Your child is unable to cope up with studies? Or you are not able to deliver your targets in your office? Your sports performance is not up to the mark? The definitely you need to get your matrix re-coded and changed and emerge as the winner. You will certainly pass your desired exam and reach your goal of success. While you continue to give your honest hard work, our healing energy will bring you far greater dividends and recognition for your hard work. You will certainly get your legitimate returns and rewards. Minimum matrix influencing period is 6 months and the more the healing period the larger the return will become. And you can see the positive changes around you within the 1st month itself.


If you want to change the destiny pattern of your health or your loved one's health (human being or animal) and help regain him or her back the last or recent-most healthy form, then you can avail this service. You can also use this service with permission if someone is suffering from very critical diseased condition. Suggested matrix alteration period is 6 months to one year. The more chronic and long standing the health issue, the longer it usually takes for the matrix healing to take place. But it does go away from the person's life. PLEASE NOTE, this service is not a replacement of your medical advice, diagnosis and medication. YOU MUST continue with the advice of your doctor or registered medical practitioner. If the person was an alcoholic or a habitual drinker or a smoker, the time taken for matrix healing will be longer than one year period. However, the difference in life can be felt within 1 month of the healing energy infusion.

Changing Destiny for Any Crises or Trauma

Sometimes crises and traumas come in people's life suddenly and catch them at the most vulnerable time. For many people these can be very devastating and upsetting. The worst part is that the negative situations keep continuing for a prolonged time. With matrix alterations, these influences can be totally soothed from the heart and mind of a person and removed from your Destiny matrix. All kinds of trauma, stress and anxiety will be relieved with this matrix correction. Also if you have suffered any trauma, shock or devastating event in your life and would want to come out from the bad feeling of it, this service can help you tremendously. You will be able to get soothed and come to terms with your self and that event. Minimum matrix influencing period is 6 month and depending upon your coping mechanisms it may go up to two years. But you can see the positive changes in you right from the first month itself with the start of this service. With the completion of healing for you, you will find yourself very positive and capable person than ever before.

Changing Destiny for your Pets

Your pet is one of your best companion who gives you unconditional love. But pets cannot speak and tell you their problems or pain. They suffer silently right in from of your eyes. Now you can get the destiny changed for your pet be it their health, disease, attitude, friendship, agony or any trauma. All you need to do is send the nail, rooted hairs or polaroid photo of your beloved pet and see the differences right in front of you. We do not bring human and animals back from the road of death because that is a journey that must be made, and you can be rest assured that if it is not the "time" for your pet to die, your pet will get well and become your best friend again. PLEASE NOTE, that this matrix correction service is not a replacement of the medical advice, diagnosis and medication of a registered veterinarian. You must continue the normal medications for your pet as usual. However, our healing energy will provide relief very fast and so fast that medication will not be needed. Minimum matrix influencing period is 3 months and for serious or chronic ailments minimum period of service needed will be 6 months to one year..

Changing Destiny of your Addiction

Are you or your loved one addicted to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, video games or any kind of substance abuse? Are you or your friend, spouse, lover or your child is trying to leave addiction but every time there is failure? Is the addiction coming back after few months? In spite of visiting rehab centre regularly are you or your friend, spouse, lover or child still not able to overcome the deadly pull of addiction? Then certainly you must take the help of this service and see the difference in the addictive habit within 6 months. Minimum matrix influencing period is 6 months. For long standing addictive habits, longer matrix correction period is needed and generally about 1 year of  healing energy infusion enables the person to come to grip with himself or herself. While matrix influencing is carried on, regular medical advice and medications should continue as per licensed medical practitioner prescriptions. 

Delete all kinds of Negative or Dark Energy

Do you feel that there is some effect of Negative or Dark Energy always surrounding you or your home or your office or business place? Do you suspect that someone might have done any kind of Dark or Black magic on you or your personal space or on your loved ones? Do you sense something unnatural about you or around you or inside your loved one like spouse, child, lover, parents, siblings or significant other? Then it can mean that there is Negative energy  or forces around you. This can be completely cleared no matter how strong it is. In fact, it can be sent back to the person who has charged this negative or dark energy forces towards you. You must tell Dr. Andrew what kind of effects you are suffering from before availing this service. Minimum matrix influencing period is 6 month. Once the dark energy is cleared, the Aura of the person or the location or the house etc. will be sealed forever and never again can any dark energy or dark forces come back. PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to clear the negative energy of a home then all the occupants of the home must also get cleared separately for separate service fees... Click Here to Know More

Destiny Changing for Legal Matters and Judgment

Are you fighting out any Court case or litigation for a long time or maybe you are not confident of winning? Is the case against you a false case or a wrong accusation? You have been dragged into this litigation for no fault of yours? Are you afraid that the Court, Tribunal or Appellate authority may not order the judgment in your favour? In such scenario you can alter your destiny of the court case outcome. If you are truly not guilty then Dr. Andrew Dutta will alter the source code of your matrix and you will emerge unscathed from the court case or any judgment that was about to go against you. PLEASE NOTE, this service is not a replacement of a licensed lawyer and/or his legal advice and services. Minimum matrix correction period is 1 year or the  duration of your court case whichever is longer. This service is highly beneficial if you are innocent and have been wrongly implicated. But if you are the wrongdoer, then there is no assurance from this service. You may avail it, but we cannot assure you of your winning.

Our Service Assurance

There is no need to worry if your desired outcome is taking more than the usual time that we originally planned and envisaged. If you have availed 1 year of service and your goal is arriving late, we will provide you with an additional 3 months of matrix healing service absolutely FREE. 


Your wish is priceless! It can change your life. So, there is no fee that can be charged. The options given below are the payment schedules to suit your payment easiness while we get your wish fulfilled. Generally, a wish takes about 9 to 12 months to materialize by following our procedures. Some times our clients want themselves to be protected, their businesses, finances, houses, spouse, children, football season contracts, awards, popularity to fans, market leadership, political leadership position...anything for year after year. It makes more economical sense to pay in lump sum and so those options are also shown. And there is no compulsion. 

1 year service payment is INR 101800 [USD 1270] for any one service & wish for one person in a single payment.

3 year service payment is INR 224200 [USD 2800
] for any one service & wish for one person in a single payment.

5 years service payment is INR 442,000 [USD 5500] in one single payment for one person, pet, objective or goal or anything you wish.


Payment Details

In order to avail any of the above services, you can pay the fees in Indian Rupees if you are sending your Focus Materials from India and in US Dollars if you are sending your Focus Materials from anywhere else in the world. All fees are non-refundable except if services are denied due to ethical reasons.

Bank Deposit Details for Orders Originating within India

Bandhan Bank Ltd.

Account Number: 10220016414614
IFSC Code: BDBL0001977
Branch Name: Patia, Bhubaneswar
Type of Account: Current

IndusInd Bank

Account Number: 255356803414
IFSC Code: INDB0002083
Branch Name: Raghunathpur, Bhubaneswar
Type of Account: Current

PayPal Payment Details for Orders Originating anywhere outside India

All USD payments made through PayPal are through PayPal's own secured and SSL encrypted web servers. All transactions are completely safe and secured. 

1 Year Fee $1270 only

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3 Year Fee $2800 only

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5 Year Fee $5500 only

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