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Specifications for Focus Materials

For all destiny changing activities that involve altering the source code of your matrix, you are required to send any two of the below materials in accordance with the specifications as mentioned here. This will enable you to get the maximum effect in the shortest possible time.

Protection Talisman


Wearing short clothing (half sleeve and knee length) and standing outside in the daylight (if possible) in front of a wall without any other living things in the background or foreground of the photograph. There should not be any plants, grass, animals, objects etc. captured in the photograph.

Take a full picture of yourself, with at least 10 megapixel camera, from toes to top of your head, with your arms to your side and your palms facing the camera. Keep some space all around you in the photograph.

The best photograph would be one which has not been developed from a negative or film roll. If it is a digital print, then it is best taken on polaroid printer or on Zero Ink paper (zink paper), if you are sending a hard copy. Or else the soft copy JPEG file, without any photo touch-up, can be sent by email.

Please ensure that if you are sending hard copy of your picture then no one else's fingerprints smudge the photographs either on top or bottom. The photograph should be held on the sides like holding a CD or DVD. 

Alternatively, this high resolution photograph can be attached with the Service Form or sent separately by email to Dr. Andrew Dutta.


Hair from the head is the best as it has maximum of energy from your body--the Crown Chakra. The hair should be about 5-6 strands cut from your head. Your head should have been shampooed before your pluck your hair to minimize any type of oil, dirt or other energy debris. If you are bald, you can give hair from your chest or upper legs.

Place your hair in a clean and fresh white paper and fold it before placing it in the envelope. If the hair is very long, you can cut it into few pieces before folding in the white paper.

Secure this white folded paper and post it in an envelope to Dr. Dutta's address. No one else should process your hair except yourself.


Nails should be from your right and left hands only. Ensure that your nails are clean and there is no dirt in your nail or no nail polish or other type of nail enamels. It is better to clean your nails with an old toothbrush before you cut your nails.

Nail clippings from thumbs are enough.

Nails should be in small pieces. About 5 -6 pieces of cut nails are enough for the purpose. After the nails are cut, put them in a clean and fresh white paper, fold it securely and put it in an envelope for posting to Dr. Dutta.

No one else should handle or process your nails, except yourself.

Sample Photo Male Female
few strands of hair
thumb nail cuttings
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